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Hear practical business lessons learned from the Disney+ launch that you can apply to your small business.

Our Most Popular Episodes & Favorite Disney Business Insights

Apr 1, 2021



We know you’re a busy business owner, so we thought you’d love this quick start guide to some of our fans’ favorite episodes of the Pixie Dust & Profits podcast. 

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Pixie Dust & Profits episodes you might like:

Discover the inspiration behind the podcast…

Queue up Episode 00 to find out how we met, why Disney holds such a special place in our hearts, and why we started this project. 

Learn why operations are so important to your business…

Listen to us geek out over the guest transportation system at Disney World in Episode 04 and how this big expense pays off in spades.

Get a grip on content creation…

You’ll find our best tips on maximizing your time and money through repurposing your content and your products in Episode 08: Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose in Your Business

Stop struggling with pricing…

Head on over to Episode 09, where we talk about resource and team planning, supply and demand (even as a service provider), and raising and determining your prices.

See how to hire people as happy as Disney’s bus drivers…

Want to know where to find great contractors and employees, and how to keep them happy? Check out our handy small business hiring tips in Episode 010.

Apply Disney’s quarterly review process to your biz…

Hear what we learned while listening to Disney’s Q1 2020 earnings call — you know, *pre*COVID-19 — in Episode 015. There are a lot of pricing tools we gleaned from the call that you can use yourself, including how to reduce churn rate (cancellations or non-renewals), ways to reach new people through outreach & value, and creating a backup plan for when revenue or reach dip.

Bring that Disney magic into your customer experience…

If you’ve ever been on the new Star Wars ride at Disney, you know it’s more of an experience than a ride. We use this new attraction as an example of how to craft a customer experience that will surprise and delight your customers, and keep them coming back, in Episode 023.

New Disney business insights for your small biz — every other week!

Thanks for being here, we’re so excited to take all of this information and show you how it can apply to YOUR business. 

Because whether you’re a solopreneur, small business, or something in between, Walt Disney has left us all with waaaay more than epic movies and memorable vacations.  

He left us with a business blueprint. 

With a little research, our expertise, and the pixie dust sprinkled on, we will show you how to make the magic happen in your businesses too. Listen to these episodes and more by finding the Pixie Dust & Profits podcast wherever you listen to podcasts!

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