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Episode 72: Magical Onboarding Experiences: Client Gifts & Small Touches They’ll Remember

Nov 15, 2022



Let’s talk about onboarding experiences! 

Recently, Nicole signed up for a Disney Visa card. And honestly, the most impressive part of the experience wasn’t the shiny new Disney credit card that came in super handy… But the welcome packet! 

So let’s dive into how and why this onboarding experience felt like a gift instead of a purchase, and how you can bring this feeling into your business. 

Setting Yourself Apart

We’ve all been there. You open a new card or account, and you’re met with a boring email containing pages and pages of disclaimers and agreements. 

This was NOT the case with my Disney card. Not only did Nicole’s welcome package have the typical need-to-know information, but it also had these beautiful, magical letters explaining all of my new card benefits. 

On top of that, there were some unexpected and adorable postcards included in my package. 

This whole experience really stuck with me. Disney managed to take a boring, stressful experience and make it feel magical. 

Gifts as Part of Onboarding

There are so many ways you can give your customers and clients a gift right off the bat!

At our recent Pixie Dust LIVE event, we sent each person a personalized luggage tag when they registered. 

This wasn’t just about the gifting experience. This was also about creating a touchpoint between the signup and the retreat. 

Now, if you don’t run a service-based business, you might be wondering how the heck you can do this. 

It can be as simple as including an extra gift in their order, or a bonus surprise! Really, gifting them something without telling them in advance that it’s coming, it will create that element of surprise and make them feel well-taken care of. 

Great customer care is also a gift

Here’s the thing — your communication, availability, and responsiveness can be a gift in and of itself. 

Those experiences can become a huge asset when it comes to making your clients feel special. 

Creating a magical experience isn’t something that only Disney can do! You can bring this elevated level of customer service into your business with just a few personalized touches. 

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