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Episode 71: How to Create Elevated Inclusion in Your Business

Nov 1, 2022



Disney is the best at making things feel extremely exclusive without adding the astronomic, Club 33-level price to them. We love how Disney can make us feel like we’re in their bubble at all times. 

How Disney does exclusivity

Disney creates opportunities to make their guests feel like they’re being included in exclusivity, without having to attach that higher price tag to it. Just think about Genie+.

When you look at Genie+, it’s a couple of bucks added to your regular ticket price. So not a huge difference. However, you’re pretty much paying to skip the line (and be out of the sun!

You can do this for both individual rides or a pass that you can use throughout the parks. 

There’s also the element of transportation. One of the things we love about Disney is that they offer a few different modes of transportation for guests. For example, we’re able to leave our car seats at home because we know we can use the Disney minivans — which feels like a higher-end, safer Uber or Lyft! 

But if you’re not comfortable with the minivan experience, Disney also has shuttles and other transportation to help their guests get from one location to another. All of these different vehicles are really just a way for them to cater to all sorts of different guests, regardless of budget and preference. 

And don’t forget about the app! Whenever we’re at Disney World, we know that their app has our back. As moms, it’s hard enough to try and wrangle our kids, much less than having to wrangle multiple paper tickets and the thumbprint scanners. But when you use the app, it’s all on your smartphone. 

There’s more to it than that, of course. The app makes it insanely easy to figure out where you are in the park, what food is around, and even how to get to your next destination. You can make reservations and order food, all on the go. For all the moms out there, you know how valuable it is to have a single place where you can store all your information while on vacation!

How we can bring increased exclusivity to our customers

There are ways we can incorporate this idea of inclusiveness to make our customers and clients feel like they’re getting an exclusive experience whenever they work with or buy from us. 

Like with emails! Starting an email off with: “Hey, name!” instead of something impersonal like “hey friend” does SO much to make the person on the other end of the email feel like you’re communicating directly with them. 

Don’t forget upselling. When you have something that’s really valuable as part of a bigger offer, you immediately make the upsell a no-brainer. Everyone wants to purchase it because they see the immense value they’re getting for such a small price. 

Oh, and people LOVE gifts. Giving your customers a gift with purchase will automatically make them feel amazing. But they’ll feel even more amazing if that free gift is something they can’t buy anywhere else.

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