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Episode 68: Cast Members Going Above and Beyond

Sep 20, 2022



You know how going to any Disney property is absolutely magical? It’s all thanks to the amazing cast members! 

So today, we thought we’d extend the lessons of that podcast and talk about some times that cast members went above and beyond their duties for us… and how you can apply that to your own business! 

Making my mom feel seen

As many of you know, Nicole’s mom is disabled. 

She can’t see very far and uses a cane to get around. So, one day on our vacation, my husband, child, and I went to Universal Studios. Mom couldn’t come as it was too much walking for her. She stayed behind and took a little stroll around the resort. By the time we got back, she was absolutely glowing with how kind the cast members had been to her. They walked her around, were supportive, and made sure to go out of their way to let her know that they NEVER felt inconvenienced. 

That experience alone meant so much. They showed my mom how valued she was as a person, customer, and disabled person. 

Goofy meets sweetheart! 

Recently, I (Yasmine) took my daughter to Disney World for the first time. I’d scheduled it right before COVID, and then of course the next two years were spent running through cancellation after rescheduling after cancellation. 

When we were finally able to go, I took my husband, daughter, and mom. All my daughter could talk about was how excited she was to meet Goofy. When she finally met Goofy, she absolutely melted into him. And that sweet cast member let her hug him for as long as she wanted. 

That was an absolute core memory for all of us. I said to Goofy that she had been waiting the whole trip to meet him, and he signaled that he had been, too! 

How you can use this philosophy

The good interactions make the bad ones stick out.

When you run a business as magical as Disney and create experiences that your customers will remember for the rest of their lives, there’s more than one benefit. The first is, of course, that you create loyalty in your customers. 

But the second is that when your customers have bad interactions elsewhere, those interactions stick out. So, how can you apply these lessons to your business and make sure you have good interactions with customers?

Read the room: This is one of the things Disney does so well. The characters and cast are extremely smart about paying attention to customers’ spoken and unspoken needs. When they do character dining, they intuitively know which tables they need to spend a few extra minutes at. 

Even during COVID, when character dining was completely off, they still made sure to do poses and give you great opportunities to take photos.

Acknowledge them: Every single positive interaction that we remember had one thing in common: we left that interaction feeling acknowledged. The most important thing you can do for your customers is to make them feel acknowledged and seen.

When people comment on your post, try to respond to as many as you can, as quickly as you can. And definitely try to respond in a timely manner!

Try to anticipate needs: When you can preemptively anticipate your customers’ needs and direct them to more resources, you’re giving them that additional level of service that makes them feel seen, heard, and supported. 


These are all things that make your customers feel valued and respected. Go the extra mile and do above and beyond service. Yes, you don’t HAVE to do it. But I promise you, when you go further for your clients and customers, they will remember it and, more importantly, come back to you! 

We’d love to know… how do you sprinkle the Disney magic in your business? We’d love to hear from you! 

If you want more great ideas from us, we’d love to gift you our free business bundle! See you next week!

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