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Episode 33: Empower Your Team to Make Magical Moments

Dec 1, 2020



Each week, we come to you with ideas from the Mouse on how you can grow your small business. In this episode we’re discussing why empowered team members will help your business soar.

Disney cast members are notorious for making a guest’s experience even more magical…because they are trusted and empowered to do so. Listen today to learn from why letting your team members take ownership over their roles will make them more dedicated. 

Listen now and discover:

  • How Disney empowers their cast members to make a guests experience even more magical
  • Why it’s important to let your team members make mistakes and how this will make them even more committed to your brand 
  • Simple ways you can implement trust to your team members in your business today

Your small business takeaways:

  • Trust your team members and believe in their expertise 
  • Have clear boundaries so your team is not left confused
  • Let go of the small things




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