listener q&a part 2

Episode 32: Listener Q&A: Part 2

Nov 24, 2020



Each week, we come to you with ideas from the Mouse on how you can grow your small business. In this episode we’re answering listener questions from small business owners and digital entrepreneurs.

We’ll dive into questions like ways to gain exposure for your business, how to manage a waitlist as a booked-up service provider, and if Black Friday is the right time to launch that brand-new business. Listen now to hear our advice for entrepreneurs like you!

Listen now and discover:

  • Kim of Brand Kits, on ways to gain exposure for your business that don’t break the bank. 
  • Amanda of Amanda Warfield, on how to manage a waitlist of potential customers who want to work with you.
  • Angela, on whether or not Black Friday is the right time to launch a brand new business.

Your small business takeaways:

  • Stay connected to customers (and potential customers) so that you stay top of mind. 
  • Consider your audience when putting a new sale or promotion out there.


Episode 32 listener q&a



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