Connecting With Every Potential Customer

Episode 30: Connecting With Every Potential Customer

Nov 10, 2020



Each week, we come to you with ideas from the Mouse on how you can grow your small business. In this episode we’re discussing how to capture your customers’ attention and create an experience on your website.

Inspired by Disney’s career website, we’re sharing strategies for capturing the interest of your potential customers… even in places as unexciting as a job listings page.

Listen now and discover:

  • Why browsing Disney job openings will make you excited…no matter what type of business you have 
  • The 3 things you need to talk about when trying to convert a potential customer online
  • How to give even the simplest page a quick makeover, and why it will matter to your customer 

Your small business takeaways:

  • Think about your different customers’ when writing description pages on your website 
  • Don’t be afraid to show your fun personality!




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