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Episode 25: Embracing Your ‘Uniquely You’ Business

Oct 6, 2020



Each week, we come to you with ideas from the Mouse on how you can grow your small business. In this episode we’re discussing how to be ‘uniquely you’ in your business without always trying to replicate what’s right in front of you.

The creation of Shanghai Disneyland proves this model, as the park is filled with the magic of Disney, yet immersed in the Chinese culture. Listen now to hear how you can be uniquely you in your own small business! 

Listen now and discover:

  • How Disney learned from their mistakes building Disneyland Paris and approached creating a new park in Shanghai with more collaboration and intention
  • 3 ways Shanghai Disneyland incorporates Chinese culture into the park experience 
  • Tips for using  the tools around you and customizing them for your own business and success metrics
  • How we incorporate this concept into the Profitable & Productive Party where we help small business owners create their own unique path

Your small business takeaways:

  • Question everything you’re taking in to see how it will impact your customer
  • Learn the difference between replicating someone else’s approach in your business because it “makes sense” vs. “it’s easy”
  • Embrace that step-by-step programs probably won’t benefit your business if you follow them to a T
  • Trust your own uniqueness and always apply it to your business: the world wants to hear your voice!




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