Episode 17: Waiting is Boring: How to Entertain Your Customers In the Meantime

Mar 17, 2020



Each week, we come to you with ideas from the Mouse on how you can grow your small business. In this episode we’re exploring how Disney makes waiting in line for a ride part of the overall experience to build excitement and engagement. 

Listen now to learn how you can build a ‘waiting room’ experience into your business and how having a contingency plan can reduce your risks when launching new projects.  

This week’s episode came about last year while we were waiting to ride Avatar Flight of Passage in Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Obviously, waiting in a line at an amusement park is just one of those necessary evils to getting to your favorite rides and experiences.

Luckily for us, Disney does a wonderful job of making this experience a little less sucky by adding extra theming to their queue lines.

Plus, they’re constantly introducing new and innovative ways to engage their guests as they wait for upwards of 180+ minutes! 

(Yes, the lines really do get that long!)

Listen now and discover:

  • Our favorite examples of how Disney manages to make waiting an enjoyable experience for their guests
  • The importance of building ‘holding rooms’ into your business processes
  • The ways Disney has taught its customers to wait while also building excitement for the ride
  • The importance of teasing out a product and ways you can keep potential customers engaged until their release or launch
  • Why you still have to nurture the audience you’ve captured until they decide to purchase
  • Why educating your audience and potential buyers is important – your warm leads are one of your best assets!
  • How you can build some margin into your contingency plan without it being noticeable, especially if you are working with a larger team

Your small business takeaways:

  • Simple ways you can build in time for you to pivot quickly in case a launch doesn’t go as planned
  • Why contingency planning is something you should ALWAYS build into your project plans
  • Remember to stay in touch with your clients leading up to an event or one on one time, especially if it’s not happening immediately
  • Think about the ways you can makes aspects of your business feel exclusive, fun, and accessible while future clients are waiting to work with you or purchase a product from you
  • Remember, you can always not utilize your contingency plans and release products or services early!


We’re exploring how Disney makes waiting in line for a ride part of the overall experience to build excitement and engagement. 
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