Connecting With Every Potential Customer

Episode 30: Connecting With Every Potential Customer (Transcript)

Nov 10, 2020



Intro (00:01):
Pixie Dust and Profits is a podcast for small business owners who love Disney and want to sprinkle some of that magic onto their own businesses. Join your host, Nicole Boucher and Yasmine Spencer. As they explore the mouse’s $12.6 billion operation and break down exactly how you can apply these big scale concepts to your own business.

Yasmine (00:26):
Hey Nicole, if you weren’t like running your business, what would you be doing for a living

Nicole (00:32):
I’d be working for Disney? Obviously. I don’t know. It’s one of those questions that like, I don’t know if working for Disney makes the magic better or reveals the magic. I’ve I’ve heard that it’s a little more magical to work there. It doesn’t ruin it, but there’s, I don’t know. It’d be really cool to work.

Yasmine (00:50):
I mean, I think it would satisfy what I would say is what we both have as which is an intellectual love for the Disney machine. Right? You would learn the workings behind the scenes and all that.

Nicole (01:00):
Yeah. I mean, we, when we went on the tour, that’s like behind the scenes of how things work and there are the other guests on the tour were engineers and just a different type of audience than just Disney fan. And I felt so at home with one there where we were geeking out about laundry operations, because it was, it was just really cool and so efficient and so well thought out. So yeah, me I’d work in logistics or something. Definitely operations focused. Cause I, I just love how they seem to approach lean principles.

Yasmine (01:38):
I can definitely see that. So why don’t we just hop over to the Disney job website and take a look, see

Nicole (01:43):
Don’t you already do that? I kind of do that sometimes.

Yasmine (01:47):
Yeah. I like to see descriptions are, I may be like, I’m super happy doing what I do, but like at least once a quarter, I’ll either look at their job descriptions on LinkedIn or go their website. But what’s really interesting about their website is how they have sort of the job discovery feature all laid out. Why don’t we talk a little bit about that?

Nicole (02:06):
Oh yeah. I can see it here. So you kind of see the standard, like here’s the info about our business and who we are, but I imagine they have a lot of job listings and the first, the first thing you see is where will your story begin? So it gives you the chance to select if you want to work in an office or at a park or at sea or on production. That actually looks really cool. I am not a producer. I’m not in the entertainment industry. So yeah. Also, like, I don’t know if I’d want to be in an office. I’d want to be like walking the park, seeing how things are going. Like how long are the lines? What can we do to make these things a little better for guests? So I would probably choose the parks.

Yasmine (02:51):
So basically what I’m getting out of this, cause we both kind of want Josh tomorrow’s job the world. Oh.

Nicole (02:57):
And then, okay, so you keep down and it looks like they list the jobs. It just in a different way. So it’s business support, creative guest services, innovation and technology, marketing and sales. So it’s almost like they kind of have like shop for your favorite t-shirt and then below it it’s by color, you know, when you go to a website, it has like shopped by fit or by color. It’s kind of what they’ve got going on here, but with, with jobs. Yeah.

Yasmine (03:27):
It’s quite interesting. So they’re basically setting you up on a journey to find out, find the perfect job or the perfect slipper, if you will. That was a bad [inaudible]

Nicole (03:39):
Way back. It was like one of those good dad jokes. I tell the dad joke before we started filming this. And I’m the only one who usually lasted my dad jokes. So I appreciate it. Yeah. So like just, just looking at this, you know, we kind of are impromptu during those here because we just think you can find inspiration and magic in anything that Disney does, even if it’s as innocuous as their jobs page on their website. And so what I see here as an operations person is that they’re presenting the same information in different ways and they do that. So the customer or the person looking at the page can have an experience that they choose. Right. So, you know, the first thing you see is, Oh, where, where do you, where does your story begin? Then they have the picture of the Disney cruise ship or the production set, or the iconic Walton Mickey statue at magic kingdom.

Nicole (04:37):
And so you can kind of picture yourself there and if you’re that kind of visual person, you’re going to use that to choose. That’s what I want. That’s the type of job I want and then follow their prompts to get to their application process. And if you’re not that visual person where you care more about maybe the role that it is or the area that it is, or you just know what your expertise or background is in, you scroll down to the one that’s like, okay, what, what are you in marketing business support, finance, you know, legal innovation in whatever you click, click, the one that works for you. And so, you know, just looking at this page from an operation standpoint, it is very intentional how this is designed.

Yasmine (05:17):
Yeah. And it’s like very similar to how you would probably want to set up your sales page or any information on your website, right? Like you want to take people through a journey and you want to guide them to the right job or in this, in your case, probably to the right purchase that they want to make.

Nicole (05:39):
Yeah. Whether you sell products or you sell services, this is pretty much a good practice to make sure that you’re talking to all the different types of audience that you have. So you will have people who value logic. And so you’re going to want to show data and figures to them. You know, when you buy my, you can expect to save this, this or that. You know, I just bought some wool dryer balls and it was talking about the energy efficiency and how you wouldn’t be able to save on like the cost of running your dryer. So that was speaking to me cause I’m the analytics and data person, but then the person who really, really wants to, you know, make their clothes smell good or their, you know, the type of person who wants that feel good. It, it talked about, Oh, you can spray in some, a room, a therapy until the wool balls.

Nicole (06:28):
And then you kind of make your own dryer sheets type of thing. And so, you know, they’re talking to two different people, but they make sure they hit both of us in that, that product description page. And so I think here is just a good lesson of take a step back, go look at your website or just take one product or service that you sell. Go look at that page, make sure you’re talking to someone who wants to see numbers, make sure you’re talking to someone who feels with their heart, make sure you’re talking to someone who doesn’t have time to read any of that and just wants to click the button and buy. So there’s all sorts of different personalities here. And you know, when you’re a writer, whether you’re a writer or not, when you’re writing these pages on your website you probably default to your personal preferences and then you’re done and you kind of walk away because you know, this has been on your to-do list forever and you just, you just want to be done with it. So just a reminder, like your website is an ever evolving thing, go back and tweak it.

Yasmine (07:29):
No, those are all perfect points. I know for me personally, I’m definitely a numbers person. I always sort of scroll to that part of the page to make sure that there’s a value from both a dollar standpoint, but also in terms of the amount of content that I’m getting. Whereas I know that there are also a lot of people who really want to know about the emotional aspect, the outcomes, and you know, how much time it’s going to save them. So saying the same thing in a bunch of different ways is so key to hitting on all of those points and really speaking to every member in your audience, because you can be targeting sort of like the same person when you’re, you know, thinking of your ideal customer avatar, but that like ideal customer will still have different ways of receiving information.

Yasmine (08:16):
The same way we have different ways of learning. Some of us need to hear things. Some of us need to like write things down. Some of us are very visual. We all have these different pres preferences when it comes to like consuming information and making these buying decisions. So as long as you cover off the three things that Nicole mentioned, so talking about value, and I would say both in terms of like dollar value, but also value of the content that they’re getting to making sure you’re talking about the emotional benefit, the change that it’s going to create for them. And three, making sure you’re talking about the time savings that they’ll be able to generate by purchasing your product. You’re going to hit the most common, you know, decision path. People go down when trying to sign, they want to buy something and it’ll increase your chances of converting your customer.

Nicole (08:59):
And don’t be afraid to have personality. I mean, this is a job career page website. It’s not the most glamorous website that you would ever go to or web page that you’d ever go to the career descriptions page. Usually they’re pretty boring there, you know, a database you search through toggling a couple of features before you even get to that though, they give you this experience where it’s about like, join us on this journey, pick your behalf. They’re putting the decision in your hands and they’re kind of like bringing you into a world. It’s literally a button for me to select who do I want to go on a cruise ship? Or do I want to go to you know, a really cute office or production set and then you click that and get a little bit deeper. And it’s like, well, what types of things do you like?

Nicole (09:47):
And it’s almost like quizzes, you see on a website here. And so even something as necessary on a corporate website as this career page, they still have made it fun. So remember to have some personality in what you do and to bring people into this journey with you. So yeah, if you just follow these tips of going back, it’s probably been awhile since you last visited your product description or your sales page or a service page, or if you’re a coach that coaching session discovery calls that you have out there, just go revisit it. Spend about 15 minutes reading through it, write down any notes you have for yourself about ways you can improve it and have a friend read it and get their feedback from them. Make sure that you’re kind of addressing things in a multiple of ways because our default preference is not everyone’s default preference.

Yasmine (10:43):
Very, very true. All right. Well, thank you guys so much for joining us again. We hope that you found some helpful tips in terms of revisiting your product pages. And if not, maybe we just inspired you to explore a fantasy career at Disney.

Nicole (10:59):
Yeah. Tell us which one you would go for.

Yasmine (11:02):
DMS were @pixiedustandprofits on Instagram. We’d love to hear what your dream Disney job would be. And if you’re not on our mailing list, please join. We send lots of like fun tips and bonuses and extras. You can sign up at and we’ll see you real soon.



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