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Episode 00: Magical Beginnings

Jun 18, 2019



Once upon a time, two princesses met in a beautiful castle. They stayed up all night talking about their dreams for the future… and now they’re making them come true!

On our first episode ever, we’re sharing the story behind Pixie Dust & Profits and how you can get the most of future episodes.

Listen now and discover:

  • What Pixie Dust & Profits is all about and how it came to be
  • Just who Nicole & Yasmine are… and why Disney holds a special place in their hearts
  • What to expect from future episodes of the podcast



The beginning of our story…

We are Yasmine Kashefi Spencer and Nicole Boucher, business owners and life-long Disney lovers. As business strategists and operations managers, we work with 6 & 7-figure entrepreneurs to scale their businesses and strategize how to turn their dreams into reality.

Disney has a long history as a special place in both our hearts for a few reasons—and you’ll hear a few of them in this episode (you may even be surprised by our answers!)

Despite being “from the North”, we’ve managed to visit Walt Disney World a dozen times in the last 5 years alone. Our most recent trips? A Disney-style bachelorette for Yasmine and a #StarWarsRivalRun 10k for Nicole!

How did you two meet, anyway?

Our story starts in a hotel in Nashville, Tennessee. (Not what you were expecting, right?) We were both flying to a conference and decided to bunk together for the night to save on expenses for the long trip.

We were both a little nervous to bunk with a complete stranger, but a Facebook photo in front of the Magic Kingdom and a Disney Dooney & Bourke wallet wiped away any awkwardness instantly. We were obviously both Disney crazed, so we were cool in each other’s books.

Then the night turned from, “ok, this may not be that awkward” to staying up until 1am chatting all things operations, business, life, and of course Disney. 

We didn’t know many people in the creative field who get stoked talking about business or operations. We felt like Stitch from Lilo and Stitch—a little different, kind of funny, but enthusiastic about sharing our interests. With our similar MBAs and corporate backgrounds (and love of Disney, obvs) we were a match made in Magic Kingdom heaven.

So, why the podcast?

We wanted to share our back-office managerial strategies with you, but we didn’t want it to be stodgy or corporate-y… because that just isn’t our jam.

So when we started geeking out over the logistical marvel that is the Disney transportation system or how the mosquito population is controlled in swampy Orlando, Florida… we realized we were onto something.

Could we combine our love of Disney AND strategic business management?!

Yes, yes we could.

A stroke of inspiration at the airport on our way home from Nashville, and we had a plan—Pixie Dust & Profits was officially born though it wouldn’t launch for nearly a year later.

Each episode will center around a Disney story from our personal experience. We will explore the topic from a business standpoint, talk about the history behind it, and also share some our favorite products.

But we are most excited to take all of this information and show you how it can apply to YOUR business. Whether you are a solopreneur, small business, or something in between, Walt Disney has left us all with waaaay more than epic movies and memorable vacations. He left us with a business blueprint.

With a little research, our expertise, and the pixie dust sprinkled on, we will show you how to make the magic happen in your businesses too.


On our first episode ever, we're sharing the story behind Pixie Dust & Profits and how you can get the most of future episodes. | Pixie Dust and Profits | #smallbusiness #entrepreneur #creativeentrepreneur #disneyworld #smallbusinesspodcasts



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