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You're more than ready to scale to 6- figures or even multiple 6-figures... but you're stuck doing all the work and not being the CEO you know you're meant to be.

You're more than ready to scale to 6-figures or even multiple 6-figures... but you're stuck doing all the work and not being the CEO you know you're meant to be.

You're pulled in all directions trying to be the visionary, do the work, and manage your small-but-mighty team
You don't know what to work on next (or first!) because you're full of so many new product ideas
You know you need more "passive" marketing and revenue options, but it feels like a never-ending struggle to build them

running a profitable business doesn't have to be so difficult

you just don't have the right tools to do it

you're invited to join us for...

where magic and strategic business planning come together

8-Week Virtual Program

Starts March 15th

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We've been behind the scenes of over 100 launches with clients across all areas of the creative and service industry, and we know how to help you reach your goals.

And let's just say we get geekily excited about the less sexy side of business—spreadsheets, operations, and financials, oh my!

With our extensive corporate backgrounds, we're able to take big business best practices and customize how we apply them to your small business.

We'll work with you on your business holistically, using our unique 360 approach to help you chase product profitability, increase customer retention, and achieve operational excellence.

You're tired of one-size-fits-all, 5-step strategies that never take the needs of your individual business into consideration.

This intimate get-to-business experience is about creating intentional action for your unique business.

Discover the business tools you need to move your small business forward—no formulas, no gurus—just straight up strategic business planning with two seasoned consultants.

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Nicole Boucher is an Operations & Business Manager who loves the business side of business: strategy, spreadsheets, and systems are her jam.

With an English degree, an MBA, and a background in Lean Six Sigma, Nicole helps her clients be more productive and strategic with their time so they can play BIG with their businesses (without the overwhelm).   

Her biggest mission in life is to live sustainably—in business, this means pursuing operational excellence and reducing waste so you can get more done, in less time, with fewer errors. You CAN live that life you’ve been dreaming of and systems will help you get there.

nicole boucher

operations & business manager

Yasmine is a Toronto-based Creative Business Strategist with a passion for getting results and making things happen.

She works with female entrepreneurs to help them scale their business and increase profits, leveraging the same streamlined systems she developed for her 7 to 9 figure clients.

Yasmine holds an MBA from the Rotman School of Management and has over 10 years experience as a digital marketing agency lead and corporate consultant.

Her favorite thing to do is solve problems, so she's a good friend to have around if you're ever in a jam.

meet your hosts

yasmine spencer

creative business strategist


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We Start March 15, 2021


Your Home Office

who's invited?

This Accelerator is for you if you're a female small business owner who...

sells services or products online

has consistent sales or been in business 2+ years

is ready for more funnels, launches, and revenue

If you're ready to create a strategic plan THAT WORKS, so you can reach your next level goals... you belong here!

what you'll walk away with...


No magic necessary. 

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Identify which projects you should be focusing on RIGHT NOW for the most immediate impact.

Dive into the numbers, so you know exactly where your time, money, and resources are spent and how you can MAXIMIZE YOUR PROFIT potential.

Review your business resourcing needs so you can plan for and bring on THE RIGHT SUPPORT exactly when you need it.

Create a custom project, launch or annual marketing plan with clearly defined GOALS AND ACTION ITEMS... so you can get right to work without wondering what to do next.

Discover business insights and BEST PRACTICES for improving your client experience and sales.

Connect with other women building 6- and 7-figure businesses online because NETWORKING AND REFERRALS are the #1 source of new business for service-providers.

“This sounds great, but I’ve got questions!”

Keep reading, We’ve got answers!

we're ready

Let's gain clarity and focus around everything swimming in your head.

Combined, we've helped our roster of clients sell more than $5 million in 2020 before Black Friday even hit.

We've built this experience from our popular in-person consulting intensives that we run with our 1:1 clients to help them get clear on projects, goals, and profits.

These intensives start at $15,000... but we're bringing the same experience to you for a fraction of the cost, because you're ready.

You're ready to take action.

You're ready to learn how to be a more strategic business owner.

You're ready to be the CEO of your business—driving it forward with a vision and a plan.

what to expect

in-depth workshops

Actionable Content
Inside, you'll unpack everything happening in your business right now. You'll get intimate with your numbers to uncover your most profitable products and opportunities.

Discover our signature framework to help you focus on your best ideas and walk away with a Strategic Business Plan to close your year strong.

work sessions

Implementation Time
Learning without action won't lead to the profitable, scalable business you're dreaming of.

That's why we're setting aside time each week to work alongside you on the weekly workshop and truly bring you a return on your investment.

group coaching

Immediate Feedback
Talk through the roadblocks you're facing, share upcoming opportunities and gain clarity, direction, and a plan with your favorite go-to Consultants.

This exclusive offer isn't available anywhere else, the only way to get 1:1 time with both Yasmine & Nicole is through this program!

what's included 


We strongly believe that an intimate experience is the best kind for creating a big impact in your business.


Formulas aren't enough. Discover the repeatable, scalable concepts we apply with our clients and paid over $150,000 to learn in graduate school.

get-to-work book

The 40-page printed workbook contains the step-by-step frameworks we use with our clients, without the $$$ price tag.


Stop playing solo! Connect and collaborate with other small business women who are ready to play big with their businesses.


It's not all work and no play! Expect a few magically delivered experiences during the experience.

group coaching

Prepare for our time together and stay accountable with our Live Coaching sessions and Open Office hours.

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you're ready for this

The sticky notes covering your desk are no substitute for an organized plan with deadlines, milestones, and accountability. 

This experience is for you if:
• Your time is consumed with all of the blogs, funnels, launches... and you know you need better systems (and people) in place to help you get it all done.
• You don't know how to make sense of all the ideas in your head.
• You want to get a handle on your operations so you can run your businesses with more intention, clarity, and efficiency.
• You need a safe space to grow your management skills and become the CEO of your business.
• You're ready to GO BIG with your business... without the overwhelm and without doing everything yourself.

Let's get your dreams on the fast track, shall we?

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don't take it from us. here's what past clients have to say about working with us!

Yasmine & Nicole make the strategy, analytics and numbers look so EASY! They specialize in optimizing workflows, growing audiences, creating content and more. With two in-person intensives down, they're my go-to consultants for improving on my goals and getting results.

Christina Scalera

Nicole is talented, kind, detail-oriented, and incredibly savvy. She guides you through a streamlined process that is designed to help you reach your goals with clarity and ease!

B is for Bonnie Design

Hiring Yasmine was one of the best decisions I've made for my business. I searched for a long time for someone who could give me clarity and real strategy to scale my business, and Yasmine delivers BIG TIME. 

Megan Martin

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the investment

Your registration includes lifetime access to our signature Strategic Business Planning workshops, an intimate and exclusive community (only 8 women allowed!), eight weeks of live coaching and support, and a few surprise magical experiences!


fast-action BONUS

private coaching


Register now and get a bonus 1:1 call with Nicole & Yasmine BEFORE we start.

Together, we'll help you identify exactly which pieces of your business you’ll be working on during the accelerator.

total value: $18,000+

fast action bonus

Reserved just for you! 

Get a bonus 1:1 call with Nicole and Yasmine BEFORE we start  to help you identify exactly which pieces of your business you’ll be working on during the accelerator.

Gain clarity, direction, and a plan. To get the most of your experience.
Talk through your specific roadblocks. So you know what to focus on.
Let us get to know your business right away! We can offer you feedback before we even get started.
This offer isn't available anywhere else. Seriously, the only way to get a
1:1 consulting call with both of us is to book now.

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A $995 value!

01. Where is the Accelerator happening?

It's 100% Virtual! We're hosting this accelerator in our online community where you can take part in the discussions and training modules at your convenience. Coaching calls will be pre-scheduled and recorded. We are both parents and understand that having kids and other routine interruptions during the pandemic means being flexible. 

02. What does my registration include?

• Lifetime access to our signature Strategic Business Plan framework, including templates and 3+ hours of video lessons
• A 40-page printed workbook to guide you through the exercises
• Productive Working Sessions where we dedicate an hour to doing the work
• Profitable Coaching Sessions where you can bring your latest challenges and opportunities for feedback and expert insight
• Other special magical experiences and gifts we can't yet reveal!

03. Am I a good fit for this accelerator?

If you sell services or products online and you're ready for consistent sales and more funnels, launches, sales, and revenue... you're in the right place!

As consultants, we've supported both product- and service-based business owners on a wide scope of offers in the online space. If you're still unsure, free to email to schedule a 15-minute chat with us.

04. When are the coaching calls?

Profitable Coaching Sessions and Productive Working Sessions will be held every Tuesday and Wednesday, respectively, at 2pm EST.

Coaching sessions will be recorded and you will be able to submit questions ahead of time if you cannot attend in person. We also offer Open Office hours where you can ask us anything! 

05. What is your Refund Policy?

All registration sales are final. Due to investments made once an attendee registers and the limited spacing for this event, we cannot issue refunds. If you have any questions or hesitations about the event, we encourage you to contact us before registering because all sales are final.

06. I have another question...

Awesome! We're happy to answer it. Just send us a note at or fill out the form below and we'll get back to you ASAP.


Wondering if this is the right fit? Send us an email, we're happy to help!

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